Quantification of fiber production by preadipocytes

Your Needs:
  • Monitor pre-adipocytes differentiation
  • Monitor the fibro-inflammation process (collagen, fibronectin)

Our Solutions:
  • Fully automatic imaging and image analysis
  • Robust data, short delay and cost-saving

Image acquisition:
  • Acquisition done with structured light or confocal microscopy
  • Several fields of view to maximize the amount of data
  • Image stack for each field of view to get each cellular structure on their focal plane

Image processing:
  1. Detail of an image after acquisition with spinning disk confocal microscopy
  2. Denoising and segmentation of every fiber
  3. Refining the segmented object and calculating the criteria: total fiber length, thickness of fibers
  4. Automatic generation of illustrative images for every field of view

Application example

During weight gain, adipose tissue is characterized by the presence of low-grade inflammation and matrix remodelling. This leads to a greater tissue stiffness and to resistance to weight loss.