Quantification of lipid droplets in preadipocytes

Your Needs:
  • Monitor pre-adipocyte differentiation
  • Quantify the production of lipid droplets

Our Solutions:
  • Fully automated imaging and image analysis
  • Robust data, short delay and cost-saving

General Procedure

Image acquisition:
  • Acquisition done with structured light or confocal microscopy.
  • Several fields of view to maximize the amount of data.
  • Image stack for each field of view to get each cellular structure on their focal plane.

Image processing:
①Segmentation of droplets clusters on the Bodipy channel, calculation of the recognized surface area representing the lipid production.
②Detection and counting of nuclei on the DAPI channel. Estimation of nuclei in differentiation by colocalization with lipid droplets.
③ & ④ Individual droplet detection, estimation of average diameter.
⑤ Illustrative images on representative fields of view.

Application example