When biology, imaging and image processing experts come together

About Us

Imactiv-3D combines 3D imaging breakthrough with strong expertise both in experimental biology and image processing leading our customers and partners to exploit the full potential of their research work.

At Imactiv-3D, we believe that the high-level innovation in biological samples imaging should be supported by consistent skills to make it available to every preclinical research stakeholders. Our experts in biology, imaging and image processing work in synergy and interact daily to foster innovative solutions.

With 3D imaging, 3D cell models, and tailor-made image processing, we make sure your research project get the best out of the available technology.

Founded in 2015 by Jean-Michel Lagarde, Imactiv-3D is a fee-for-service company located in the heart of innovation in Toulouse (France), on the scientific campus Santé du Futur. The company is the result of academic research and entrepreneurial spirit brought together.

Our Team

Imactiv-3D team owns scientific knowledge, experience and strong expertise to provide innovative solutions and reliable data. Our multidisciplinary team expertise covers areas such as light sheet imaging, image and signal processing, mathematics, cell culture, oncology and more.

Jean-Michel Lagarde_imactiv-3d

Jean-Michel Lagarde

Founder and  CEO


Valérie Lobjois, Ph.D._imactiv-3d

Valérie Lobjois, Ph.D.

Associate, Scientific Council


Renaud Morin, Ph.D._imactiv-3d

Renaud Morin, Ph.D.

R&D project manager in image processing


Marine Norlund, Ph.D._imactiv-3d

Marine Norlund, Ph.D.

R&D project manager in biology and imaging


Aurelie Gomes, Ph.D._imactiv-3d

Aurelie Gomes, Ph.D.

R&D project manager in biology and imaging